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19XX Maserati Ghibli

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The Ghibli was first unveiled as a 2-seater concept car at the November 1966 Turin Motor Show. Its steel body, characterized by a low, shark-shaped nose, was designed by a young Giorgetto Giugiaro, then working at Ghia. The car featured pop-up headlamps, leather front sport seats and alloy wheels.

Two rear seats consisting of nothing more than a cushion without a backrest were added to the production model, allowing the Ghibli to be marketed as a 2-door 2+2 fastback coupé. Deliveries started in March 1967. The Ghibli was first unveiled as a 2-seater concept at the 1966 Turin Motor Show. In total, 1,170 coupés and 125 Spyders were produced. 

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YEAR: 1969

ODOMETER: 31,144

CHASSIS: Type AM115 #1322




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