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Classic Jaguar Technician

About Grand Touring

The Grand Touring team is a group of highly-skilled craftspeople whose mission is to restore and revive classic cars. We are exceedingly passionate about our projects which we regard as works of art and strive to maintain the utmost originality whenever possible while delivering unparalleled expertise. We are equally committed to building a team of like-minded, passionate individuals who embody the qualities and workmanship required to meticulously service, restore, and preserve vintage vehicles.

What You'll Be Working on: 50s to 70s European classics with a concentration on Jaguars in need of everything from a full-blown mechanical rebuild to simple routine maintenance.

What you'll be doing: 

  • Create Inspection Reports of each car that comes in for service or repair.

  • Diagnose, troubleshoot, and estimate work needed.

  • Diagnose drivability problems.

  • Perform routine automotive service and repairs.

  • Perform removal, replacement, and rebuilding of powertrains, suspension, and brake systems.

  • Perform simple to elaborate electrical diagnosis and repair.

  • Engine tuning on carbureted engines.

  • Diagnose and repair of distributor/points-based ignition systems.

  • Work within a schedule to ensure on-time project completion.

Other skills of interest:

  • Welding (TIG & MIG)

  • Sheet Metal Repair

  • Dyno Operation

Ideal background:

  • 5+ years relevant experience.

  • Experience with 50-70's Jaguar required.

  • Experience with other classic British cars a plus.

What would make  you a great fit:

  • Passion for learning and discovery.

  • A love for classic British cars.

  • Enjoys finding solutions to diverse problems that may arise throughout a project.

  • Has an eye for detail.

  • Team player, willingness to learn and adapt.


  • $30-$60 per hour

Additional Information


  • 401(k)

  • Dental insurance

  • Health insurance

  • Paid time off

  • Vision insurance

Work Location

Frederick, MD

Job Type


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