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1990 Porsche 911 Interior Overhaul

How do you add excitement to your interior while also paying homage to the design language of an icon?


Called “houndstooth” by many enthusiasts, Porsche’s iconic Pepita seat upholstery evokes instantaneous heritage. Originally used on several models beginning in the mid-60s, this distinctive design has adorned the seats of many classic era sports cars. Visually interesting, the composition consists of a motif of small alternating black and white checks. The contrasting pattern is a bold addition to the normally austere Porsche cockpit.


Our client was seeking a sportier feel for the interior of his 964, which we achieved by overhauling the seat covers, door panels, carpets, and steering wheel. Our award-winning Trim Team quickly transformed this interior into a tasteful, retro-styled cockpit that pays homage to classic Porsche design.


Is your interior ready for a refresh? Let's talk! Grand Touring has a full Trim Shop that can transform your vision into a reality.

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