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The Motivation

About Grand Touring

Grand Touring Enterprises was founded in 1987 by Chuck Wray. Over the past four decades, he has established himself as a world-class collection consultant and preservationist. Grand Touring's inception was fueled by the want to provide world-class service to the classic car market that went above and beyond the rest— focusing on not only preserving the history and prestige of these classics, but ensuring the driving experience is equally as spectacular and authentic. 

Through the years, Grand Touring has developed into a team of like-minded individuals who share this passion for preservation and furthering the classic car community for generations to come. 


With each commission, we set out to create a product that the original designers of these works would be proud of— with the goal of understanding the intention behind each design decision. 

The Journey

Whether you hope to pursue lofty and lengthy goals of restoring a car to perfection or simply enhancing drivability while preserving the natural patina, there is often a “what do I do now?” feeling experienced once a project is complete. As the automotive world continues to evolve, the answer to this question does too. But with our insight and commitment to the classic car community, there’s no chance you’ll be left asking, “now what?”

At Grand Touring, our goal is to guide you through this journey— from defining your grand vision to tactfully fulfilling it.

The Result

Dream it.

It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to breathe new life into a family heirloom,  to turn a hobby into something more, or maybe you have a piece of history that you want to share with the world. Grand Touring is here to help you articulate and carry out that vision.

Build it.

Our craftsmen then take your dream and turn it into reality. With the mission to retain or source as many original parts as possible, we strive to produce a product that would make the initial designers of these magnificent machines proud. Achieving not only the highest cosmetic standard but also an equally awe-inspiring driving experience.

Enjoy it.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Whether your intent is solo enjoyment, to display on the world stage, or somewhere in between, it’s time to hit the road. We'll be there to help you navigate the route, your only job is to enjoy the ride. This is the fun part, need we say more?

So, what is next?

We don’t just hang our hats up after the final invoice, we’re committed to building a lifelong community. From attending automotive events around the world, to embarking on adventurous road trips through breathtaking landscapes, to casual weekend get-togethers, we are passionate about curating experiences that set the stage for you to create lifelong memories behind the wheel of your special project— in the company of individuals who also just get it.

gt21 57 ferrari TdF 122 mr.jpg

Are you ready to begin your journey with Grand Touring?

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