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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale Project


First unveiled at the 1957 Turin Motor Show, the Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale garnered recognition for it’s sleek, futuristic Bertone design. A few years prior, Bertone and Alfa Romeo conducted a design study, Berlinetta Aerodinamica Technica (B.A.T.), which clearly influenced the styling of the Sprint Speciale. The study sought to investigate the effects drag had on a vehicle– with the ultimate goal to achieve the lowest possible drag coefficient. The lowest achieved in this study was 0.19, a number still impressive today. Their discoveries in aerodynamics and design translated to the Sprint Speciale, which achieved a record-holding coefficient for a production car of only .28.

The Giulietta Sprint Speciale's aerodynamic body work was paired with the lightweight Giulietta Spider chassis which thus made for a formidable package. Sporting a 1290CC twin cam engine and Weber carbs, the cars could reach 124 MPH. Aimed at competition, the first 101 examples were built to meet FIA homologation requirements. The Giulietta SS would be replaced by the Giulia SS in 1963, which favored a larger 1570cc engine but sported the same sleek body.

The Sprint Speciale offered here is a 1962 Giulietta. Chuck Wray purchased this Giulietta Sprint Speciale from its original owners who had initially collected it from Alfa's factory in Italy in 1962. After taking delivery, AR 177376 was then shipped to Florida where it spent the rest of its life until 2022 when Chuck acquired it. Prior to Chuck’s purchase, the vehicle was in the midst of a restoration by Kornman Autoworks of Greensboro, NC. The restoration was cut short due to the passing of the original owner.

This offering presents the unique opportunity to embark on a project that is bound to garner interest and, once complete, will surely be welcomed on numerous classic driving tours and showfields.

Owned by same family from new until 2022

Inspired by the famous B.A.T. show cars and Disco Volante prototype

One of only 1366 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciales built

Artfully designed by Bertone's Franco Scaglione







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