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Jaguar Mark X

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Jaguar’s Mark X stands as one of the most significant models in the iconic manufacturer's storied history. Introduced the same year as the show-stopping E-Type, the Mark X’s place in history seems to have been overshadowed by the seductive sports car. In contrast to the E-Type, the Mark X was huge by comparison. It was positioned to compete with the American market’s Cadillacs, Lincolns, and Imperials.

The Mark X’s external styling captured English conservative values but the mechanicals were sports car derived. It was Jaguar’s first saloon to feature independent rear suspension. Derived from the E-Type, Jaguar's IRS (independent rear suspension) was a state-of-the-art design offering a smooth ride along with excellent roadholding. Also borrowed from the E-type was the XK inline 6 cylinder engine. The dual overhead cam unit offered ample power and was available with manual or automatic gearboxes. The Mark X was one of the fastest sedans of its era, capable of speeds in excess of 120 mph.

A total production run of less than 25,000 units and no direct successor, the Mark X offers a unique glimpse at Jaguar’s history. Established as the basic template for Jaguar’s sedans for several decades, the Mark X is a truly underappreciated classic.

Restored by the famed White Post Restorations in 2005, this Mark X comes complete with extensive restoration documents which will be included in the sale and is finished in a two-toned gray over a tan interior. This example is fully sorted and offers an unmatched level of reliability and comfort.

Restored in 2005 by White Post Restorations







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