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Lancia Flaminia Super Sport Zagato Project

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Introduced at the 1956 Turin Motor Show, the Lancia Flaminia built upon the mechanical layout of its predecessor, the Aurelia. Attributes such as the 60-degree, 2,458cc, overhead-valve, V6 engine and De Dion rear transaxle with inboard brakes were retained. The Zagato-bodied Sport and Super Sport models shared a shortened wheelbase with the GT/GTL coupes and the Convertible– all featured disc brakes and increased power.

The final rendition of Zagato’s Lancia Flaminias, the Super Sport Zagato, was the ultimate iteration of the Flaminia. Not only did it sport striking coachwork by Zagato, it’s driving experience was equally headline-grabbing. Even Enzo Ferrari drove one and noted the Super Sport Zagato as one of the best handling sports cars of its era. The Super Sport boasted an enlarged 3C engine, fitted with larger Weber 40 DCN 12 carburettors and produced 152 horsepower making it capable of reaching 130.5mph. From the outside, it was easily distinguishable through it’s restyled body with recessed headlamps and a more sharply defined Kammback tail.

The predecessor to the Super Sport was the Sport, which existed until 1963. The name change signified the transition to the larger 2.8L engine. Produced until 1967, as the Flaminia neared end of production, the Super Sport’s production numbers were merely a blimp on the Flaminia’s some 12,000+ unit radar. In total, some 599 Zagato coupes were made throughout the Flaminia’s long-winded production, with approximately 150 being Super Sports.

Offered here is Super Sport Zagato #2132. This project comes complete with a fully rebuilt engine, transmission, new interior, and a pristine paint job. It presents an opportunity to revive a very special Italian sporting car. Chuck Wray purchased this car in 2015 from a Pennsylvania collection.

This vehicle is actively undergoing restoration at Grand Touring. For the most up-to-date information on its status, please reach out to

One of approximately 150 Super Sport Zagatos







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