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1955 Ferrari 250 Europa GT

Delivered new to Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, Europa GT 0139E has since found its way to Grand Touring for a mechnical reconditioning.

Setting the stage for the iconic Ferrari GT lineage, the 250 Europa GT established a foundation for the 250 GT series which followed. While the Europa GT closely resembled its Europa predecessor, internally it was a different animal altogether. Under the hood was a de-tuned short block Colombo V12 from the 250 MM. It produced 220 HP thanks to a set of Weber 36 DCZs and a 9.0 compression. Pinin Farina bodied most Europa GTs, as they had with the Europa, with around 30 produced in total. Of those 30, four were constructed of aluminum for racing use. These aluminum-bodied Europa GTs essentially served as a prototype for the 250 TdF.

This Europa GT was delivered new to devote Ferrari enthusiast Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. It has since spent time in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Holland before finding itself here at Grand Touring to undergo a mechanical reconditioning.

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