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1964 Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

Often referred to as the most beautiful Ferrari ever made, this Lusso is one of only 350 examples produced. Maintaining such an icon requires an unmatched level of care.

By the early 60s, clientele began seeking more luxury. Ferrari met this demand by introducing the four-seater grand tourer as an end cap to the 250 GT lineage. Equipped with a powerful Colombo V12 and a luxurious, spacious cockpit, the Lusso gracefully balances performance and comfort.

This magnificent representation of Ferrari’s artful balance of both form and function requires an unmatched level of care. Such attention to detail and commitment to a world-class standard of care is exactly how we at Grand Touring maintain this exceptional car, ensuring it is performing at its very best and is always perfectly prepped for a leisurely weekend cruise.

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