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1966 Triumph TR4A

This Triumph TR4A came to us for a minor interior restoration. Our Trim Team quickly got to work in preparation for a season of spirited summer motoring.

A quintessential "swinging sixties" British sports car, the TR4 continued the Triumph legacy offering proper open top motoring with updated Italian styling and an independent rear suspension. This 1966 TR4A arrived from our Client in need of minor interior attention.

The original seats were showing their age; displaying tears, splits, cracks, and a lack of support. Our Trim Team transformed these aged seats by refinishing the original frames, adding additional foam, and stretching new seat webbing. To top it off, John Skinner black vinyl seat covers with white piping were fitted. The end result is a refreshed look that perfectly preps this drivers' car for some spirited summer motoring.

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