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1967 Alfa Romeo GTV Transformation

This 1967 Alfa Romeo GTV is undergoing the ultimate transformation. 


Our client sought to restomod his 1967 Alfa Romeo GTV to become a spirited driver’s dream. We settled on a build that both enhances reliability and delivers a previously unimaginable level of performance.


This mechanical reimagination will include:

  • Alfaholics Fast Road Stage 2 Suspension

  • Alfaholics Stainless Steel Exhaust

  • Alfaholics GTA Close-Ratio Gear Kit w/ upgraded shifting forks and shift rods

  • F&S Sport Hydraulic Clutch

  • Fast Road/Rally Cylinder Head w/ larger valves, larger ports, and sport camshafts

  • Nord Stage 4 Engine Pack

    • Billet crankshaft w/ improved oil passages​

    • Larger displacement pistons and liners

In Progress
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