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1967 Alfa Romeo

This 1967 Alfa Romeo GTV is undergoing the ultimate mechanical transformation to become a spirited driver’s dream. Join us as this project unfolds.

In a world of 1000 horsepower hypercars, mind-bending speed is available at the touch of a button. With this level of convenience simplifying the driving experience, it often leaves purists asking “where’s the connection?” and “where’s the fun?”. Enter the restomod.

With one foot firmly grounded in the original form and the other pointed towards modern performance, these machines have evolved into a new form. The pairing of modern mechanics and classic designs preserve nostalgia while packing a mighty punch (and being a whole lot more reliable). Not a conventional hot rod, the restomod respects the originality of the vehicle, oftentimes using parts designed to fit seamlessly in place of factory components without modifications. The end result is a vehicle that improves upon the original without decades of bloat and creep.

Our client sought to restomod his 1967 Alfa Romeo GTV to become a spirited driver’s dream. Working with our client, we designed and built an optimal combination of upgrades to mechanically reimagine this GTV.

This mechanical reimagination will include:

  • Alfaholics Fast Road Stage 2 Suspension

  • Alfaholics Stainless Steel Exhaust

  • Alfaholics GTA Close-Ratio Gear Kit w/ upgraded shifting forks and shift rods

  • F&S Sport Hydraulic Clutch

  • Fast Road/Rally Cylinder Head w/ larger valves, larger ports, and sport camshafts

  • Nord Stage 4 Engine Pack

    • Billet crankshaft w/ improved oil passages​

    • Larger displacement pistons and liners

Join us as this project unfolds and we transform this Alfa into a dependable driver that doubles as a track day warrior. Check out the progress here!

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